Thorough Corporate Due Diligence Investigations

In the current corporate climate it is important to thoroughly investigate and scrutinize all operational, legal and financial business matters. Emmaus provides detailed due diligence and business analysis reports to major corporations, government agencies and global investment firms in Hong Kong and all over the world. Our investigations are suitable for companies contemplating corporate investments, strategic partnerships, mergers, privatizations and acquisitions.

Due diligence services

Our investigators provide buyers, lenders and investors with all the necessary information to make a smart business decision. We identify opportunities and mitigate risks by gathering, assessing and interpreting data. Our services range from initial validation of targets and FCPA compliance matters to detailed on-site visits. Emmaus handles a range of checks that will help you to enter new markets, solve corporate issues and increase business opportunities.

Cutting-edge investigation methods

Our experienced investigators customize their services to match your business agenda. They not only compile data but analyze information using their industry-based knowledge and expertise. Our worldwide network and global footprint, has allowed us to expand our investigative capacities. We can easily retrieve information concerning transnational agencies and foreign entities using our international influences. Our business integrity, structured analysis and unbiased approach, has seen us establish a reputation for excellence and innovation in our field. No stone is left unturned in our investigations, ensuring that our clients have access to all the information they require to make well-informed decisions.

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If you would like to find out more about our corporate due diligence services, please feel free to give us a quick call on +852 3579 5445. Alternatively, you can contact Emmaus consultants online or by emailing to discuss your current business objectives.