Quality Hong Kong Based Insurance Fraud Investigator

Protect your interests with expert case analysis from Emmaus. Insurance fraud accounts for many billions of dollars lost every year, all around the world. Often seen by criminal opportunists as a simple and relatively low risk form of financial profit, insurance fraud is incredibly common in Hong Kong. This is a crime that requires an expert analytical eye to detect as many cases involve what is known as ‘soft fraud’ where a partially true claim is exaggerated. In cases like these, it can be hard to separate what has been fabricated and what actually happened. With years of experience working in the industry, Emmaus are specialists when it comes to insurance fraud investigation.

We investigate both hard and soft fraud throughout the insurance industry including in the areas of life, health care, automobile, and property insurance as well as council compensation fraud. We have a proven track record as inspectors, and over the years have saved clients enormous sums of money by efficiently detecting fraudulent insurance claims.

Expert Fraud Detection Services

Generally speaking, our detection services are called in once an insurance company has flagged abnormal claims submitted to them. Once statistical abnormalities have been identified in a given claim, it is our responsibility to conduct further investigations and determine whether or not it is fraudulent. Our advanced detection services encompass a range of techniques which are effective in identifying fraudulent activity. Our strategies include:

For more information on the fraud investigation services we offer in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.