Hong Kong Based Intellectual Property Protection Services

Secure your original business ideas with professional assistance from Emmaus. Considerations of intellectual property are now standard in the corporate world. Given the highly competitive nature of the modern market, it’s essential that you protect your brand, image, and innovations to ensure your business remains both distinguished and authoritive. Emmaus are specialists when it comes to the protection of intellectual property. Our investigation services in this area include filing, enforcement, prosecution, registration, and protection for Hong Kong companies in matters of trademark, copyright, patents, trade secrets, and industrial designs.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with comprehensive protection from trademark infringement and misappropriation of their intellectual property. We recognise the importance of maintaining brand integrity, and have witnessed the dire outcomes for a business when their IP is compromised. Because of this, we are wholly committed to providing a premium service that investigates, monitors and enforces the law in instances of infringement and misappropriation industry wide. Over the years we have built up a loyal client base who are confident in our ability to investigate infringement wherever, whenever, and in whatever form it manifests itself.

Specialist trademark infringement investigation services

We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of intellectual property legislation both within Hong Kong and internationally. We are able to advise and act in virtually any cases that pertain to violations of this legislation. This can extend to everything from international patent infringement to the theft of trade secrets, and the monitoring of competitors known to have partaken in unscrupulous processes in the past. Our specialized knowledge in the area of trademark protection and legislation has helped many of our clients preserve their branding integrity and prevail in instances of infringement.

For more information on the range of services we offer to both companies and individuals in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to contact us.