Proven Litigation Support Specialist

Attain accurate information pertaining to your legal matter with professional help from Emmaus. Litigation support is an integral part of both civil and criminal proceedings. Emmaus offers specialised services that enable accurate information gathering for both existing and pending litigation. Our expert services allow you to focus on developing your best possible case rather than chasing information and consolidating existing evidence. With Emmaus, you can be confident of thorough litigation support that will strengthen the authority of your legal proceedings.

Emmaus has a proven track record as a litigation support firm. We have experience working with government bodies, law firms, and corporate enterprises, providing them with ongoing support throughout the litigation process. As seasoned professionals our support capabilities are quite extensive and include:

Comprehensive Support Services

As seasoned experts supporting legal firms around the world, Emmaus has developed specialized processes that enable comprehensive and highly accurate evidence gathering. Some of the processes we utilize include:

These intensive investigative processes have resulted in a high success rate in both civil and criminal proceedings. When it comes to legal matters, often a case rests on either party’s capability to clearly identify the issue at hand, and then back up any claims with strong evidence. The stringent approach we take to finding and verifying evidence provides legal firms with just this kind of advantage. In many cases, our litigation support services have helped to uncover previously hidden evidence which has a major influence on the outcome of legal proceedings.

For more information on our capabilities as a litigation support specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Emmaus are Hong Kong’s information specialists.