Hong Kong Based Pre-Employment Screening Company

Make sure that you hire people you can trust with expert employee investigations. From Emmaus. Success in business is in part, based on employee reliability. If you aren’t able to trust the people you work with, then the corporate environment becomes toxic. Your business is bound to suffer if you find yourself in a position where constantly watching your back or expecting sabotage and treachery at every turn. Emmaus offers Hong Kong business owners the opportunity to make well informed hiring decisions with our pre-employment screening service. Our services enable you to know all there is to know about a potential employee before you make the final call. With us, you’ll be able to gather a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s professional capabilities and ethics in a way that the traditional application and interview process could never provide.

Knowledge is power; and knowing about your employees’ true strengths and weaknesses enables you to place them confidently in positions of responsibility and get on with the far more important task of growing your company. When an employee is proven to be intelligent, reliable, and competent, there is no need for tedious micromanagement or quality concerns. In this sense, our background checks provide employers with not only peace of mind, but complete confidence in those they choose to hire.

Comprehensive Background Check Processes

Our pre-employment screening service for companies in Hong Kong is one of the most comprehensive available on the market. No stone will be left unturned as our expert investigators draw on Emmaus’ extensive resources to build up a complete picture of your potential employee. Some of the areas our background check process focuses on include:

For more information on our background check service available to companies in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.